Susan Kothe Program Manager, Gallagher Franchise Solutions

Susan Kothe
Program Manager, Gallagher Franchise Solutions
I’ve been working with franchisees for so long I sometimes forget I’m not one. Seriously, after such a long time I really feel like a small business owner when I’m helping you find the right insurance and the best price. It’s like solving a very important puzzle. I find it very motivating when I know I’ve really helped you protect your business so you can do what you love to do. I feel lucky to help so many of you fulfill your dreams of owning your own business. I also love pizza and french fries. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman because it has a little something for everyone, just like Gallagher.

Susan's Articles

By Susan Kothe | Monday, June 1, 2020
How Safe Driving Can Limit Your Risk and Protect Your Franchise Brand
What do consumers think when they see your vehicle on the road? Or, parked in front of their house? Your vehicles are an extension of your brand, and the safety of your drivers is part of managing your brand’s image.
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