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Gallagher offers comprehensive and affordable travel insurance — powered by battleface — for single-trip travelers both domestically and internationally. Cover is even available for travel to destinations categorized under the Government of Canada's Travel Advisories as "Avoid non-essential travel" and "Avoid all travel" with pricing based on age, destination and duration of trip.

The travel and medical insurance offers a full range of benefits per person, including:

  • Medical and emergency expenses up to CAD 5,000,000
  • Trip cancellation up to CAD 20,000
  • Personal liability up to CAD 500,000
  • Optional baggage up to CAD 5,000

Battleface's products are offered in more than 185 countries worldwide, have a maximum trip length of 365 days and can be purchased up to 365 days in advance and while already travelling. Travelers can also purchase this insurance while waiting for reinstatement of Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP); some benefit limits apply.

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